Monday, June 10, 2013

Building Forts

Gotta love summer vacation.  It took everything within me not to scream "NOOOOOOO" when they happily scampered upstairs to build forts....after all, it is Monday which meant we cleaned the house today.  As you can see, the forts undid much of that progress upstairs, but sometimes its worth it!  :)  And yes, of course you can all sleep there tonight!  :)

 Josiah and Caleb sleeping in their fort
 Callie in hers
 Jacob in his

Love my kids.  Love having them all back at home with me again!  :)

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sandi said...

I have a love/hate relationship with forts. the blankets that never get folded and put away just so. but if they want to clean their rooms and sleep in the playroom under a fort for a few days (or weeks) go right ahead. at least another area is not getting messy! john david even slept in there with them one night. I had the whole bed to myself!