Friday, June 28, 2013

Colossal Coaster World!

We had so much fun at our VBS this week!  I am a HUGE believer in Vacation Bible School.  I know a lot of critics say that it is used as free child care, and that a bunch of kids just hop from VBS to VBS at churches all around the city.  You know what - these kids need to have truth buried deep into their hearts, and if a way to get them to hear it is by doing several VBS weeks during the summer, then that is awesome!  Okay, soapbox over.  We had an AWESOME week this year at Northside!!

 We invited one of Callie's friends from school to join us this year.  We picked her up each day and then took her home.  The BEST part was that on Wednesday, she made a decision for Jesus!!  SO excited for sweet Lyric!!!  (this picture was on Mustache Day - not sure where this fad came from, but the kids loved it!)
 I was in charge of leading the music again this year and I absolutely loved it!
 We had 500+ kids involved this year and what a JOY it was to see them hiding God's word in their hearts through song.  Absolutely the best.
 After sharing the gospel on Wednesday, we had almost 100 decisions made!!  YAY for God!!!

Last year, I was 34 weeks pregnant doing all these crazy songs and choreography.  I was SO glad not to be that pregnant this year!  The sweet ladies in the nursery that took care of Judah were WONDERFUL...he had 2 hour naps two days that week!!!  They loved and cuddled and held and played and rocked my baby and he was as happy as a lark!!  :)  What a blessing!

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