Friday, June 7, 2013

Mrs. Farmer's Class - Last Day of School!

Since Callie's party was at the same time, I put David in charge of Josiah's class party.  I had it all planned out, people had sent in food, all the supplies were ready, etc - he just had to make sure the games ran according to plan :)We reused some of the Minute to Win It games that we did at the choir retreat several months back - since I have a never-ending supply of qtips from that, it was pretty easy!  :)

Nothing better than wrapping kids in duct tape and blowing qtips at them, right? They loved it!
It was a luau theme!

The WONDERFUL Mrs. Farmer
Josiah said Mrs. Farmer and a "bunch of the girls" were crying and stuff.  He said it was weird :).  Gotta love 4th grade boys.

Oh we have LOVED her this year!!  She was the best!!

Ms. Maner even came back to see the kids!!  She was their student teacher for the first half of the year and the kids loved her! She's hoping to teach in our district somewhere next fall!

Last Day of 4th Grade!!

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