Friday, June 21, 2013

Camp Out!!

Time to start working on our summer list!!  :)  Our city hosted an outdoor movie night at a park just up the road from our house.  AND they were allowing families to camp out and spend the night!  Sounds like a GREAT and EASY way to get "camping" checked off our summer list!!  

 We got there and found a good spot and set up our tent...
... then headed over to the firepits to make some s'mores!!  Who doesn't love s'mores?
 Judah's version was graham cracker only - poor kid.  Maybe next year he can get the real deal!

After everyone ate enough s'mores to make your eyes water, we headed back to our "campsite", played a little football, and then settled in to watch "Oz The Great and Powerful"!  :) So fun!

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sandi said...

well, since you asked, s'mores are not really my favorite... or even in the top ten. sorry to disappoint. roasted marshmallows, yep, but with the graham cracker and chocolate, not so much.