Thursday, December 22, 2011


All caught up - did you miss me? December is a little crazy over here - nobody can breathe until after we get thru the first two weeks of Christmas programs (which went AMAZINGLY well - so super proud!!!). It's all past us now, we've had a great week of fun family stuff this week since the kids are out of school, I've enjoyed NOT setting my alarm clock in the morning, Caleb is in full potty-training gear, and we are anxiously awaiting Mom and my sister & her husband arriving! Can't WAIT!!!


Courtney said...

ok. 33 posts to read. we'll see how many i get through! :-)

sandi said...

whew... that's a lot for US to get caught up on! i have read some but i have to carve out some time to read the others. sorry your mom got sick, was she able to make the trip? hope is was fun.