Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Different Christmas Day

Our church had one service on Christmas morning. And Mom, being as gracious as she is, had told David that she'd be happy to play if he needed her to. Of course he did - it's very hard to find people that are jumping up and down to do a Christmas morning service - and so mom accompanied the choir and praise team at church. Is she the best or what? I was so glad that we had decided to celebrate "our" Christmas the day before - because the kids were fine with going to church and didn't feel as though they were totally missing out on something. It worked out great.

I don't really remember the boys being dressed like this....oh well....

We came home from church and had leftovers for lunch. Not your typical Christmas day lunch (but again, we had already had that!). We put kids down for naps (who were TOTALLY wiped out from yesterday) and had a nice, quiet, leisurely afternoon.
Jacob worked on assembling some kind of motorized hopping rabbit that he got from my dad...
Callie made some pop-beads jewelry from my Mom...
Caleb enjoyed his new Tag Jr. books...and I enjoyed a nap!!
This was a fun Black Thursday deal that I had found. I've seen them everywhere and wondered about them. Got it for hardly anything on Thanksgiving at CVS and thought it would be a fun activity that all four kids could enjoy together.
They loved it!
It was fun seeing how each of them went about decorating it so differently, depending their personality :)
We had some fun game time that night and then watched a Christmas movie curled up on the couch.
A wonderful, relaxing, "other" Christmas day!

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