Friday, December 30, 2011

We need an outing!!!

By the end of the week, I was feeling guilty that we had been such bums all week. Don't get me wrong - it was wonderful! - but I felt bad that we had hardly even left the house. So where do we go when we need an outing? To the zoo of course! :) The best free outing we've got going down here!

Mom and Callie in front of the newly painted purple wall :)
Feeding the giraffes

This was the first time that Caleb fed them! It was not crowded at all, and he only fed the baby giraffes, but he loved it!!!
A couple of turns on the carousel...

"Tutu, you are going high!"
First time Caleb fed the lorikeets too!!! He must have been showing off for Tutu!

Mom and the boys - it was a great day!
(PS - See mom in her winter coat? :) Cracks me up! My kids did have long sleeves - a bit of a cold front came through, but none of us were in jackets!)

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