Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas Eve

Our Christmas "schedule" got a little confusing this year. Because Christmas was to fall on a Sunday....major UGH for anyone who has a spouse who is a pastor...that meant we were not going to be enjoying beautiful family time together at home on Christmas morning. Not that church on Christmas is a bad thing, but you know what I mean....we decided that we would make Dec. 24 (Saturday) OUR Christmas day. Which meant that Dec. 23 (Friday) was OUR Christmas Eve. It worked out great because that was our last day with Chris and Kristen before they headed on to their vacaction so we got to pack some more fun into one day!

First we celebrated our gifts to the Deatons and their gifts to us :)
Caleb - Travel Aqua Doodle pad - coolest invention!
Callie - Lite Brite - SUPER excited about this!
Josiah & Jacob - Bey Blades!!! More duels!
I couldn't believe when I saw the new model of Lite Brites. It's flat screen! Remember how HUGE they used to be? Like a whole TV monitor!!! Things have come a long way!!
All the boys having a little Bey Blade dueling....oh wait, one of those isn't mine! That's Noah (our neighbor friend!) Jacob is over against the wall playing his DSI :)
I cooked our Christmas dinner that night so we could enjoy it all together with Chris and Kristen. Herb crusted standing rib roast - double YUM!

We have a tradition around here (you know how I LOVE traditions). On Christmas Eve, everyone gets to open up one present. It's always a new pair of pajamas. Then we get to sleep in them and wake up and be in them for Christmas morning! Here are all the kids in their new jammies. We even got mom a pair since she was going to be with us this year! (None for the Deatons - they would have been horrified...and they were leaving SUPER early to head to their vacation cabin and weren't going to be there anyways...)
The Schrodt family!
We all loaded up in the car to drive to the big drive-thru light extravaganza. We parked before the entrance and loaded EVERYONE up in our van so we could experience it together (and pay only one car entrance fee!). The kids and I were ALL in the backseat. Mom and Kristen in the middle. David and Chris in the back. Not sure how I got the total raw end of the deal :)
Enjoyed a little Christmas Eve coffee before bed
Got all the stockings laid out and ready for the morning - one of my very favorite things!!!

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sandi said...

that reminded me of our trip to see the lights this year... george, allysia and the girls were behind us. when john david got to the entrance he asked the lady if he could pay for the car behind him. of course she was thinking he was being a good citizen. then he said, "can you tell them that tim tebow is in the car in front of them, noticed the colorado license plate and wanted to pay their entrance fee?" she said yes, so we hung our heads out the window and she indeed told them what we had asked. good laugh for the night.