Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Polar Express Day

It's Polar Express Day!!! A big day for the first graders at PHES! They all get to come to school in the pajamas, and the principal reads to them "The Polar Express". Josiah was lamenting how unfair it was (of course, when HE was in first grade, he loved it!!) and everyone was very jealous for all the fun the first graders were going to get to have that day!
I brought in North Pole cupcakes for his class :)
Here come all the first graders!
Jacob begged me to sit down with him (the other moms were standing around the room...), and then proceeded to climb right into my lap and sit with me. Oh I love this sweet tender boy.
All the first grade teachers had a copy of the book too and were turning the pages, so the kids could look at whichever book was closest to them to see the pictures :) See Mrs. Mitchum in the front in her nightgown? Hilarious.
They went back to the classroom and enjoyed their North Pole cupcakes and hot cocoa :). It doesn't always take much!! :)

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Courtney said...

our 1st graders do that, too! love it!