Thursday, December 15, 2011

My favorite day at PHES

This is one of my most favorite days at the boys' school. It's candelight lunch day!! I remember last year coming in to have lunch with the boys and assuming it was just going to be battery candles or pictures of candles or something and was pleasantly surprised to see REAL candles burning on all the tables and Christmas carols playing in the background!! I love it!!

So the kids and I packed our lunchboxes to head to school for lunch with the boys - we were not going to miss it!!
Even white poinsettias on the tables :)

Jacob's lunch is first, and then we have about 30 minutes before Josiah eats lunch so we headed out on the playground with Jacob's class. Caleb had lots of admirers and help on the playground :)
Josiah loves when we come have lunch with him....except he says Callie always embarrasses him :). She does talk quite loud and doesn't exactly follow all the rules that Josiah knows to follow :)
These two were getting a little silly by this point...we had been at the school for an hour....
That afternoon, we all headed to Marble Slab Creamery to join with them in celebrating National Cupcake Day. They were giving away free ice cream cupcakes and we definitely didn't want to miss that! :)

That night I had to finish up my gifts for the boys' teachers. All of their teachers got a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls (The Pioneer Woman's recipe - YUM!) and then their main teachers got a giftcard to Barnes & Noble too. I was SO sad that I had JUST enough pans because I REALLY wanted to eat some after making them all!!!

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