Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tutu's Here!!!

I was getting a few things ready while waiting for Mom to arrive and looked in the living room to discover this....of course, he wasn't actually playing the Wii, but he sure thought he was hot stuff! :)
I can't even TELL you how excited we all are when we see that white Toyota pull into our court!!
This little guy was SUPER excited!
Tutu was pretty happy too :)

Notice what we are all wearing...shorts, tshirts, bare feet...and notice what my Mom is wearing...turtleneck, jeans. Now granted, she started from DC where is was colder than SC, but still :)
Have no clue what they were doing...apparently I was busy chatting with my Mom when David took this picture!
We saved a few last Christmas making these yummy treats with the pretzels, kisses, and m&ms...
and Josiah was in charge of the turtle ones...the pretzels, rolos, and pecans...yum!
Mom brought an early Christmas treat - The Elf on the Shelf!! He was promptly named Bernard and Josiah informed everyone of the rules. Mom apologized for giving me one more thing to think of during the month of December from now on :)
And of course a little Hi Ho Cherry-O while we waited for Kristen and Chris to arrive! :) Let the good times roll!

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