Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Lights at the Zoo

Our zoo membership includes passes to the Christmas lights at the zoo that they do every year. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, they open the zoo up at night and you can walk through millions of lights all throughout the zoo (and catch a glimpse of some animals AWAKE that are normally asleep - like the koalas and bats!)
Kristen and Chris arrived that afternoon - they stopped through on their way to a cabin in Georgia for a quick couple of days - and we squeezed in as much as possible! First up was the lights at the zoo!

They had a Santa there and the kids all thought it would be fun to go see him. I don't think we've EVER done pictures with Santa. We don't DO Santa. They know it's a game that some people play and the little ones see and hear about him alot thanks to strangers in grocery stores asking them what Santa is bringing them, etc. But we as a family don't do Santa. Still, they all thought it would be pretty funny so I said sure!

Jacob said he was going to ask for a dog...and that would really test to see if he was real or not.
Who KNOWS what Callie said to him - probably that she knew he wasn't real or something like that! :)
Caleb was pretty shy (hence the arm in front of his face) but wanted to wave to him :)
We passed by a fairy that was outside of one of the animal exhibits and she gave Callie some fairy dust (aka glitter). One happy girl :)

We headed over to the big bonfire pit and roasted some marshmallows and made s'mores...
Kristen tends to be our safety conscious sister, so I think it stressed her out a bit...having all these kids so close to a raging fire.... :)

Caleb was quite freaked out by it. Kept saying "No touch fire! It's hot!"
I was having camera issues....
....because I don't have a REAL camera...this is all I got....oh well.
Kristen figured it out better than I did. How come nobody told me we were all going to wear green? David and the boys decided to all wear their VBS shirts from the summer (actually David had his on and the boys wanted to match him :) ). And don't you think it's funny that they were all in tshirts and the rest of us were in sweaters???

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