Friday, December 16, 2011

Sing a Long and Party Day!

Friday was one of those days that made me SO thankful we live just a few minutes from the school. I had so much to do and knew I was going to be up at school several different times throughout the day. I went in with the boys early to help deliver their Christmas presents to all their teachers, which meant I couldn't go in my jammies and ponytail like I normally am when I drop them off for school :). Then I headed home and we had about an hour before going back up to school for the holiday sing-a-long!
Kindergarten thru 2nd grade was first. They all were in the PE room to sing some fun holiday songs. It was really fun. Callie sat in Jacob's lap :)

Can you find Jacob right in the middle? Callie is in his lap in a purple shirt :)
They sang all kinds of songs - including Joy to the World!!! My favorite moment though was when they were singing "Santa Claus is Comin' To Town" and this is what I heard:
"You better watch out, you better not crah...
You better not pout, I'm telling you whah"
I tell you what - these kids from SC have an accent for SURE!!! :) Hilarious.
It lasted about 40 minutes and then the 3rd-5th graders came in to do it all over again. Caleb and Callie did well, but were definitely starting to be done...

Josiah was a little embarrassed by it all...and I would definitely say that the older group didn't quite sing out like the younger ones did! :)

We headed back home where I had another hour or so before having to be BACK at school for class parties!!! :)
All of the 3rd graders were doing a special "Christmas in the Carolinas" theme since they've been studying all about SC history. They rotated thru all the 3rd grade classrooms and did special crafts and then even their party plates (royal blue for SC!) and food related to the theme!
Peaches (GA peaches have nothing on SC peaches), boiled peanuts (eww...everyone here loves 'em, but I just can't do it), cotton (represented by a chocolate covered marshmallow), and a pb&j sandwich cut in the shape of our great state!

Then it was off to Jacob's class party!
Jacob's class was playing the game where you have to pass things RIGHT or LEFT depending on what you hear in the story. Very cute. When I walked in the door, Jacob yelled "MOM! We're playing that game that we played at church! Remember??" (We had played it at a christmas party at church a few weeks earlier and he loved it!)
Then it was time for more craft fun, some goodies, and a little Christmas bingo! What fun!


Courtney said...

wow. what a day!

sandi said...

what a fun day! yep, right there with you on being two miles from school. makes those back and forth days easier.