Monday, February 8, 2010

Thankful Today

You know what I'm thankful for? The small things. Like the fact that I'm able to choose to stay home today and just take it easy because my kids are tired from a full weekend. That I don't have to go to a job today or drop them off at daycare when all they can handle is staying in their jammies until naptime. I'm thankful for the priviledge of being able to do that for them.

I'm thankful that although a few of us have colds, we are healthy. We have kleenex and medicines and warm beds to get rest in at night.

I'm thankful that although we had a SUPER busy weekend at church (it was Missions Conference Week), it was a WONDERFUL reminder of the greater mission that God has called us to. They had some GREAT activities for the kids on Saturday afternoon that we got to be a part of. They went to the mall and made build-a-bears to give away to a children's home here in the area. Raised the money themselves and then got to have their hands and feet involved in missions work. Loved it.

Thankful that my sweet baby is so happy and healthy and sweet...even if he had a hard weekend. He had his 6-month appointment on Friday (a post on that later...) and so he was out of sorts from the shots...and then two days of messed up nap schedule because of being at church most of Saturday and Sunday. But he's so sweet even in spite of all that, so I'm thankful!!

AND....I'm thankful that we're going to eat Free Grand Slams tomorrow at Denny's!! I'm going to see if David will meet us there for lunch. It's too far away to be able to go for breakfast before getting Josiah to school, so he'll (sadly) miss out. But the rest of us will go for lunchtime I think. Any time I get an opportunity to feed my family for free, I'll take it!! Are you going????


anthonyandbeth said...

i thought about the Denny's but you know my kids and eggs. crazies! and worried about long lines. you'll have to tell me how it goes. :)

all those things are reasons to be very thankful. you're right, sometimes it's the little things that just remind us of how blessed we truly are! glad you could be home today and hoping that these colds clear up soon.

can't wait to hear about the mission's conference and all...we'll be driving home tonight after dinner.

Anonymous said...