Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - not my favorite holiday in general, and it fell on a SUNDAY this year - double whammy - but we really did have such a fun weekend together that it made up for it! David sent me some beautiful roses which were such a special treat (completely impractical which usually drives me nuts, but I enjoyed the splurge this year...) and I LOVED them. David grilled some steaks for us on Friday night that we enjoyed (yes, I made him grill in the SNOW!) too.

Okay, back to Sunday morning. Remember these sunglasses?

Well, Callie LOVES these glasses. Really, she loves any kind of accessory. But she's been loving these glasses alot lately. She wore them in the car on the way to church and didn't want to take them off when it was time to head into class. I let her wear them (I mean really. Does it matter?) and figured she'd take them off after a few minutes and that would be that. Well, that's not exactly what happened!
I was sitting in the choir loft during the first service and our preschool director came up on stage to make a recruiting announcement to try and get some more volunteers to help in the preschool department. She had her teachers bring out the preschoolers and we all sang Jesus Loves Me - it was great! So the teachers come out walking with all the kids - here comes the infant teacher and she's holding Caleb -so cute. Then the Pre-K class comes out and there's Jacob - so smiley and waving to David on stage. Then comes the 2 year olds - and there's Callie wearing her sunglasses!! No lie!! She sees David up on stage and wants to go up on stage with him and can't. (that's when it' s a bummer that your daddy is the music're so used to always being on stage with him at band practice, etc. that it's hard when you CAN'T go on stage with him). The lip came out and she was a sad little girl! I got the biggest kick out of the fact that she still had her glasses on though!
Apparently the teachers gave her a better warning before they walked through the second service - they told her they were going to walk through and she would SEE her daddy singing on stage and she could wave. She was much better prepared and was all smiles - and STILL had her sunglasses on! She cracks me up!!!

My friend Sarah took these pictures of David leading worship in the second service. He played keyboard on Sunday and did a great job. I am SO thankful that God blessed me with such an amazing husband. He is EXACTLY who I need - strong, faithful, dedicated, fun, loving, and committed to the Lord and to our family. I LOVE him and am SO glad to have spent another Valentine's Day with him!


Courtney said...

so fun to see david in action!!

the wiedmaiers said...

so funny about the glasses... morgan is the same way about her accessories. valentines day is not my favorite either ~ but i don't really know why.

anthonyandbeth said...

i look forward to worshiping with y'all next weekend. love the glasses story. too cute!