Thursday, February 4, 2010


Remember how I've talked about Josiah and his inability to miss a meal? Seriously - the kid has a stomach like a clock!!! He also can not handle it if we just have "snacks" instead of a real meal (remember his announcement that "cereal" is not "dinner"?) Well, last night we had to leave for church at 4:15 pm. We had a special service kicking off our Global Missions Celebration this week and had to be at church even earlier than normal for a Wednesday night. We had had a BIG lunch (or rather had 2 lunches....ate at school and then ate at home with jacob & callie), and we had some snacks later that afternoon before leaving. I took some cheese & crackers with us that they ate afterwards while david & I had band practice. He was fine!

Well, as we're driving home (it's after 9 pm), he starts talking about how we didn't eat dinner. The other 3 kids are asleep, but he's upset about not having real dinner. We got home and I told him that he had eaten enough to survive (I mean seriously!) and that he just needed to get to bed. (We were out of milk or I would have offered's the quickest option). He told me he wanted a double breakfast then if I wasn't going to give him a real dinner!

Poor kid. I made him sausage cheese balls this morning (his favorite) and I (think) it made up for me starving him last night!!!


The Stein Family said...

Ummm...Sausage cheese balls! THat sounds like a recipe you need to share!

the wiedmaiers said...

How alike are he and Sam?!? I could have written this post about him... hugs to you all.

The Stein Family said...

Thanks for the recipe - can't wait to try it! and even more excited for the prospect of surprising my kids when I actually 'cook' a breakfast before school on a weekday...I can work a microwave when I'm still half asleep, its the stove/oven I stay away from :)