Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't let the happy faces mislead you...

They weren't this happy all day. Particularly Jacob. David was out doing some visits with the pastor so it was me and the kids. Jacob had a TOTAL meltdown at dinnertime when he lost his priviledge to have dessert with everybody. It was a special treat - they had just been told they could have an ice cream sandwich. Which was followed by a warning about appropriate talk and that if I heard anymore inappropriate words, they would not have dessert. Which was followed about 2 minutes later with Jacob talking inappropriately again. So no dessert. MAJOR tears. Begging for a second chance. Nope. Gotta learn to obey the FIRST time!

More tears at bathtime. They all got to take a bath in my big tub (all 4 for the first picture because I forgot to bring the camera up with me and couldn't leave Caleb in the tub with the 3 crazy siblings to go get it...) but then Josiah had to get out because of something HE said. Good grief.

I shouldn't fuss so much about them losing self-control....I sure struggle with it enough myself. Had to apologize to Jacob and ask his forgiveness today for losing control myself in how I talked to him. Man, it's hard.

At least they went to bed happy. You can't help but smile at mohawks (well, Callie wasn't happy. Her hair doesn't do a mohawk and of course she wanted one!)


Judy said...

Ugh..the "obey the first time" rule is a huge battle in our house right now. And then it's always followed by begging for a second chance. I feel like such a meany sometimes, and it just wears me down these days. So I'm glad to know I'm not the only one dealing with such things.

anthonyandbeth said...

yes, we have all been there and it's a work in progress around out house too. you're being a good mommy to do the hard stuff. consistency will wear a mommy out!