Saturday, February 13, 2010

A beautiful Saturday

We woke up on Saturday...and the snow was still here...and beautiful!!! :) As soon as everybody ate breakfast, out we went!!!
My backyard...
It was the perfect snow too - nice and light and fluffy. Not icy at all. Gorgeous.

We ended up getting somewhere between 6-8 inches. The official measurement at the airport was 8.6 inches...the most they've had in the area in 35 years or something crazy like that. And you know what else, 49 of the 50 states had snow on the ground on Friday! How's that for crazy? Hawaii was the lone holdout!

Callie was feeling a bit better on Saturday, but still not 100%. After getting hit in the back with a snowball, she declared that she hated snow. Good grief!

After Caleb's morning nap, we went back outside at around 11 am to take a walk around the neighborhood and see what was going on. Much to our surprise, all the snow had already melted off of all the street and the driveways! And if the sun hit your house and yard, the snow was gone off your grass too!!!

See the dry roads? I had to do my long run (12 miles) that afternoon and was nervous when all the snow came. But not to worry - the sun melted it all away off the streets, so I went after I fed Caleb at 2: 30pm and it was a GREAT run. So pretty to run with snow all around you. I felt great, had a new route that David found me to run, good music - it was good! I had missed my long run last week because I had come down with a cold, so my time was a bit slower, but I was happy to feel so good.
Originally, David and I were planning to do the Myrtle Beach half. Well, we waited too long in signing up and it filled up and closed before we were registered. We instead are doing the half marathon in columbia in two weeks (Feb. 27). Guess when the Myrtle Beach marathon was scheduled for? TODAY - and it was CANCELLED because of the snow - wouldn't that have been awful? To go through all that training and then get there and have the race cancelled? UGH!! So I guess God was protecting us from that nightmare!!! Now as long as we don't get more snow in two weeks! :)


Courtney said...

isn't running with snow around the BEST?!?

anthonyandbeth said...

so glad it didn't mess up your run. and SO happy that you weren't signed up for Mrytle Beach!!! whew! you're gonna do GREAT! man, i need to get back out there...consistently. every time i'm ready to buckle down i get sick again. ugh!