Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Snow Day Here!!

No snow here in the south - it's actually pretty nice today! After a rainy weekend (forecast was for sleet and freezing rain...people freaked like they said 2 feet of snow was going to fall) and a day of rain yesterday, today is pretty mild - in the 50s I'd say.

Josiah had an early dismissal from school (half day) for teacher planning, so we've been enjoying having more of him this afternoon. He had lunch at school, but I didn't get the other kids fed by the time we had to pick him up at 11:40 pm. I realized AFTER lunch that I served him a plate of food with everyone else (even though he had already eaten lunch). Shocking - he ate two helpings of the mac & cheese (big treat - Spiderman mac & cheese - SUCH excited children). That boy is eating everything in sight these days! David makes him do pushups every night - and he takes it very seriously. Hilarious.

I hear Caleb - gotta go get him and feed him (he had green beans yesterday for the first time and LOVED them!!) before getting ready for church tonight!

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Alden and Dorian said...

Katy ~ I just LOVED all the shower pictures. I love how you all get to be together so often!!!! We are so excited for Kristen ~ I know along with you all!!!! Love you Katy.