Saturday, February 27, 2010


After the kids' naps and after David and I had a BRIEF chance to rest, we headed back up to church to begin work on Josiah's AWANA Grand prix car. Thank heavens they had a workshop up at church for this. David didn't grow up with AWANA so he wasn't exactly sure what to do, and of course I have no skills whatsoever with power tools. We went up to church for Josiah to decide on his design, and then one of the dads cut it out for him.
Jacob's plugging his ears, and Callie's got her glasses on...of course.

After sanding it, Josiah went to work painting it and getting it all ready. The Grand Prix race is Saturday afternoon so I think he's about set. I'm so glad he was able to get it taken care of at this "pit crew workshop" - I would have been no help!
**Meanwhile, I was sitting over in a corner the whole time. I had Caleb in the stroller and was feeding him his baby food. I started feeling REALLY bad and just ready to go home. It lasted the rest of the night and through Sunday. Just really bad stomach aches - not sure what it was all about. Perhaps the hot dogs we had for lunch after the race? Not fun whatever it was!

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anthonyandbeth said...

man...the boys hair looks so dark in these pix! i LOVE this. i wish our church did this! i may have to talk to somebody...hmmm. :) hate that you were feeling sick. not the way you want to come off of a race. and i wish you could have had something more than hot dogs but oh well... :)