Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Realizations from our Free Pancake Dinner at IHOP

1. Josiah loves blueberry syrup.
2. Callie likes to dip her eggs in ketchup.
3. Jacob likes strawberry syrup....and can eat 5 pancakes in one sitting. (yep, you read that right. the kid is amazing with pancakes!)
4. Caleb loves IHOP because it's full of "older" people that LOVE to smile and talk to babies!!!
5. It wasn't really a free dinner because although we all got the 3 free pancakes, I ordered an omelet for the kids to split because I wanted the boys to eat some protein before going to basketball practice, and I ordered a chicken salad because I'm running in a race on Saturday and need something more than empty carbs for dinner!! That's okay - we had a cheaper dinner and have leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

One more hilarious story - we were waiting for David to meet us there (he came straight from work) and the kids were playing outside while I was sitting on a bench feeding Caleb (under my nursing cover). The next thing you know Callie came over, sat down on the bench next to me, pulled UP (WAY UP) her shirt, and started "feeding" her baby doll that she brought with us. I totally died laughing. There were some ladies across from us on another bench that she told "I'm feeding my baby. Mommy feeds her baby, I feed my baby.". Then anytime people would walk out of IHOP, she'd tell them too - I'm feeding my baby! Oh hilarious.


Courtney said...

had my phone with me to call you on our walk this afternoon...but if you read my last post you'll see why it didn't happen...

how is david??

i'm going to call you tomorrow...i want to hear about things!

love you!

Heather J said...

soooo cute - I just love how little girls want to be exactly like their mommies!!!

me & the boys went to IHOP last nite for an early dinner - translate 4:15. I made the mistake of eating my entire 'short stack' and then went to the gym for an intense cardio workout. Um, thought I was going to THROW UP after my workout and I felt silly with my big ole pancake pooch in my class, but oh well!!!! My boys LOVE pancakes, but they didn't do a great job with theirs - probably b/c I got them chocolate milks which apparently they make from whole milk bc they were both stuffed from their milk!!! Oh, and we got bacon too - b/c I think for dinner I should attempt to put protein in front of them (at least most nites) - so in the end, we paid about $5. Not too shabby!!!! Hugs!

anthonyandbeth said...

glad y'all enjoyed it! :) i'm sure Callie got lots of smiles...i'm sure all the kids did!

the wiedmaiers said...

i used to like my eggs mixed with grape jelly...