Friday, February 8, 2008

Saturday, February 2 - Day 2 of Girls' Weekend

Kim and Kelli - in trouble as usual!!!
Kristen and Katy...I'm sure wrongfully accused!!! (You'll be interested to know that the most common offense was not attending church once a month as was required. People could choose to pay 5 shekels, be whipped, or public humiliation - the stockades. Which would you choose?)
All of us in front of the Governor's Palace. Kristen, Katy, Mom (Callie in stroller), Kelli, Kim (Matthew in stroller) In front of the toy store window. We have so many of these pictures over the years in front of this window!! I love it!!! (Kelli, I didn't have one of just the four girls - I know we took it on your camera?)
We had dessert at the Trellis - holy cow!!! See the FAMOUS Death by Chocolate cake? YUMMY!

This is the garden maze behind the Governor's Palace. They have this lookout, called "The Mount" - would have been very helpful to have someone up there shouting directions for us while we were IN the maze!! :)

Somehow, Mom got appointed leader as we were walking through....needless to say, we didn't EXACTLY take the correct path!!!

We had dinner at Christiana Campbell's Tavern that night...supposed to be George Washington's favorite tavern. It was wonderful!
Callie giving Matthew some love at the Williamsburg Inn!

See all the hands trying to keep Callie off of Matthew? She couldn't help herself - she just loved him SO much!

On Saturday morning, Kelli and I were up bright and early for our 10 mile run!! After strategically placing our newly purchased Gatorades, we were off and running!! It was so fun getting to show her where I run and being the one to know where we were going, where the mile markers were, etc. (I can't believe I didn't take a picture of us...GRRR!). It has been so fun to be able to run together, as she has been a HUGE encouragement to be throughout this process and really understands what I'm going through!! Anyways, we came home, had a wonderful breakfast together with the family, and then we girls (and Matthew) were off to Williamsburg!!! We had a wonderful day walking around Colonial Williamsburg, eating at so many fun places, and hearing about the history of this fascinating city. We even walked through the Williamsburg Inn and saw where the queen stayed and saw pictures of her visit. By the way, she sent her tailor over a month in advance to see all of the rooms she would be photographed in. He was to design her wardrobe so that nothing she wore would clash with the wallpaper!!! Amazing. It was all a surprise to my Mom,and she was so excited to hear that we even were going to be staying overnight!! The weather was beautiful and in the low 50s (the Florida girls were still complaining they were chilly), and the company was the BEST!!!


Courtney said...

wow. i can't believe all you did AFTER running 10 miles! looks so fun!

Jayne said...

Isn't that just like the Queen to not want to clash in a picture! It's really amazing though-I would have never thought about such a thing! It's been a long time since I've toured Colonial Williamsburg, might have to do it soon with Trevor!

Mandy said...

Y'all had such a great girl weekend! I know it was special for all of you. Seeing Callie "love-attacking" Matthew makes me think of Sadie doing the same thing to her just a short while ago:)!

anthonyandbeth said...

oh you all just look like you are in heaven with each other! the weekend sounds fabulous and i just couldn't be happier for you all! i haven't been to williamsburg since i was in school. it looks like a place i should visit sometime! :)

Jen said...

What a blessing you all are to your mom. You know just seeing all her precious girls is all she probably wanted for her birthday. I'm sure the Death by Chocolate was just an added bonus. Seems like you guys didn't waste a minute.