Monday, October 1, 2007

The Schrodt Family Campers!

This was the boys roasting their marshmallows the first night. On hangars!!!!

Yummy smores!! Jacob took one bite of his, and then said he just wanted plain chocolate!! Hilarious. Me and Josiah really enjoyed ours though - that was the reason I ran on Friday morning! So I could enjoy my smores without guilt!

Josiah and Jacob - aren't they so cute? I should have had David take a picture of my face, because this was at 10:30 AT NIGHT!! They should have been asleep long long ago, but look at how excited they were!!!!

Alexander, Josiah, and Bradley worked for over an hour getting "their campfire" ready - they moved all this wood all over the campsite to load up this firepit. It was hilarious! None of us really clued in to what they were doing until the 3 of them started moving these huge logs!!!

Alayna was the only other girl of the bunch - she just turned 1, and is such a cutie. Especially when covered in dirt!! Callie watched her with envy!!

All my boys canoeing! They saw a deer jump in the water and swim to the other side when they were out on their boat ride!!
Forgive the picture of me, but this was Callie in her camping clothes!!! I had to rustle up a pair of overalls for her to wear on her camping trip. She doesn't really have any "grubby" clothes, you know!
This was the best. The boys and I went for a hike on Saturday afternoon while David was playing bocce ball. We had a great time just hiking and exploring.

Yes, that's a real axe. And yes, they were chopping wood. And YES, TWO of them had babies in their hands at the time!!!!

Callie and Alayna - the girls were so cute with each other. This was one time they were actually both contained on the blanket!
I love, love, love this picture!! This was on Saturday morning. After breakfast, David and I were going to take the boys for a quick walk before Callie's morning nap, and slowly we kept adding kids who wanted to come along. We had the whole gang of big boys with us, and I got this picture when we first started our adventure. What fun! (It's Bradley, Josiah, Grayson, Alexander, and Jacob)
After our walk, we came back and painted some rocks that we had found.

Mr. Boyer took the boys for a little bike ride. (Oh, and in the background, you can see our van and the tent that we stayed in).

So here are some pictures (a few!) from our fabulous camping weekend. We had such a great time with some friends from our small group (a BIG thank you to all of you that helped us novice campers out!) and made some wonderful family memories. Josiah said his favorite thing was sleeping in the tent, and Jacob said his favorite thing was going canoeing. Really, we enjoyed the whole weekend so much (well, except for the part about the boys not going to sleep until 10:30 pm on friday and a few minor behavior issues due to lack of sleep the night before) and definitely look forward to doing it again. Enjoy the pics!! (By the way, sorry they are out of order. I can only load 5 or 6 at a time, and so they get in all backwards. How do you remedy this? I don't know how to move them around once they are loaded??) There are about another hundred pictures, but I'll let everyone else post their other ones for you to get the whole scene! It was great though!


Courtney said...

ok. i take paint just about everywhere i go, but WHO took the paint camping?? i'm impressed! looks like you guys had fun! has everyone caught up on their sleep now?

Judy said...

You all look so organized and everyone looks so happy...AMAZING!! So glad you were able to make such great memories!

Jamie said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!! It looks so fun, it even makes me want to attempt a trip someday. I would have probably made a face too if it was 10:30 and my kids weren't in bed yet. :)

Jen said...

Looks like it went off with out any major glitches. Erin feels the same way Jacob does about Smores - just the chocolate is needed. All the pictures are great and I bet the boys will be begging to go back. What a fun time to share with close friends.

Heidi said...

I see you got my dirty little pig pen on camera. You can see the cloud of dust around her:)

I love the one of the boys in the tent with their matching jammies.

We did have such a great time didn't we!! I loved the personality talks we all had. It's great getting to know everyone a little bit better in different ways.

anthonyandbeth said...

this makes camping seem not so bad! :) looks like you guys had a great time and I really enjoyed hearing all of your stories this weekend. maybe this will be a start of a new family activity together! I'm so glad y'all had fun! you are such a trooper to try something so big and new! :) and it must have been a success to be adding camping items to your Christmas list... :)

Erica said...

ubKaty, i am so proud of you for braving the outdoors for an entire weekend with 3 kids! Looks like it was worth it. THe pictures are cute.

Natalie said...

What a wonderful trip. I missed you all:)