Sunday, October 7, 2007

Heat Wave!

I just saw on Fox News that the Chicago Marathon had to be halted due to extreme heat (upper 80s) and high humidity. It said something like 250 runners had to be treated at the hospital and 1 runner died. SCARY! My sister Kelli has run this marathon for the last two years. She loved it because the weather always was GREAT to run in (she's from FL, so Chicago felt so good to her). Last year there were snow flurries! How bizarre! This year, she decided to run the Marine Corps Marathon in DC at the end of the month -we're going to be able to watch her. This news is going to stress my Mom out though!!

Along those same lines, David's band is playing a wedding down in Duck, NC tonight. It's an outdoor reception, and David called me after his sound check and said he was SO hot!!! The bride had rented space heaters for the outdoor tent, assuming that it would be cool on October 7!!! Wrong they were! David was hoping that once the sun set, the temps would drop...and quickly! That poor bride - she didn't know she'd be sweating at her reception!!!

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anthonyandbeth said...

this heat really is too much. i'm ready for fall, and for fall to stick around! none of this tease stuff...