Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jacob's Birthday Party!

Don't worry - I washed Anderson's new "Paci Fairy" jersey before he went home to Heather and Mark!! We got to kidnap Anderson for the day since Heather had to work - we had a blast with him! It was just like old times!
Benjamin & Bradley (You'll see Bradley better in another picture). Erica brought Benjamin's smock with him - he was an intent painter!
Jake & Sadie (Sadie painted her pumpkin AND her leg!)
Samuel & Merideth (Sorry Merideth - I didn't mean to chop your head!)
All the painters!!!
Here's Jacob - covered from head to toe in paint!
Bradley somehow got red paint in his hair - and everytime I'd catch a glimpse of him, my heart jumped thinking it was a bloody head wound!!
Joel - his pumpkin had every color of the rainbow in it! :) Terri - has it dried yet?
Ryan & Emily - Ryan was completely spotless - not a drop of paint on him. Emily, who wasn't "allowed" to paint, somehow got paint on her??? How does that happen?
Josiah & Jacob

The BIG boys - Samuel, Jake, Bradley, and Josiah
Jacob's BLUE mouth thanks to the BLUE Batman cake!
Is he excited or what? I love this little boy!
The blue Batman cake - per Jacob's request!

What an absolute blast we had at Jacob's party on Thursday!! The boys (both of them!) were so excited about it and woke up so excited!!! Our friends came over at 11 am and we painted pumpkins outside first. (Thank heavens for Virginia fall weather that lets us still be outside!!!) It was so funny to see the differences between all the kids - some painted with one color exclusively and were very focused (Josiah!), and others used all different kinds of colors and had paint everywhere (Jacob!) It was hilarious to see how all of the kids expressed themselves differently!! We had pizza and cake afterwards (a Blue Batman cake, per Jacob's request!) and the kids had such a blast playing. Thanks to all of our friends - Jacob is so grateful for all of you, and I so appreciate your friendships!!!


Mandy said...

We had so much fun! Thanks again for inviting us. zYour pics are great!

Courtney said...

wow! LOVE the cake! super cool! such fun! makes me think MAYBE i should reconsider doing birthday parties for my kids - i've banned them for the time being...

Jenn said...

HOW is he already 3??? i'm so sure! looks like you guys had a blast and made some great memories :) happy birthday, jacob!!

anthonyandbeth said...

love it! so wish we could've been there to celebrate with Jacob! looks like it was tons of fun! Happy Birthday Jacob!

Natalie said...

SOOO sorry to have missed this:( It looks like a fantastic party. Happy Birthday Jacob!

Heather J said...

Anderson had an absolute blast - thanks so much for letting him be a Schrodt for the day. He keeps talking about Jacob & 'Bo-siah'. Thanks again!!! Happy Bday Jacob - can't believe you guys are 3!!!

dandsratz said...

What an absolutely perfectly birthday party fun it looks like Jacob had, for sure!! I'm SOOO sorry we missed his big day!! But, nonetheless, "Happy Happy Birthday Jacob! The Ratz Family loves you!!!!"

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Jabob!!! Bradley had a great time being a part of the birthday fun!!

Jayne said...

Oh Katy, I showed Grayson all of the pictures. How sory we were to have missed such an event! Glad Jacob had a great day celebrating with friends!!

Erica said...

We had so much fun (even with our head wound). Thanks for having us, Jacob. It was lots and lots of fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!