Friday, October 12, 2007


Jon and David
He was assigned to a hall in Dorm 25!!! That was my dorm freshman year -it's now an all guy dorm, and looks much nicer than when I was there!!!Freshly painted and everything!

This is Jon, one of David's nephews. David's oldest sister & her family live in Minnesota, and Jon flew down on Wednesday night so that he could go to College for a Weekend at Liberty. After spending the day with us on Thursday, David drove him over to LU and then came back home (whew!) He'll pick him back up on Sunday afternoon, and then Jon will be flying back home on Tuesday morning. My kids thought it was very cool that they have 2 cousins named Jon (my sister Kim has a 6 year old John!) Jacob started at Jon for the first 15 minutes and kept saying "Mommy, he's just like Daddy except he's Jon!" The two of them definitely do look alike - Jon has always resembled David, but you can really see it now that he's older. Jon is hoping to start at LU in January, so hopefully we'll get to see more of him!!! :) Go Flames!!


Judy said...

Oh...the memories of Dorm 25!! That's where I met my dear friend Katy, back when she was still a Maxfield!! Good times!!

anthonyandbeth said...

wow! they look like brothers! 25 is a boy dorm now? what about 26 & 27? they are all right next to each other. i was in 27, then 26, then back to 27, etc... :) can you believe we were there at the same time and never crossed paths! :) so glad David was able to take Jon, i'm sure it means a lot to him and David's sister! :)

Jayne said...

That's so funny-we were in good 'ol Lynchburg this weekend too! LU has definitely cahnged and will continue to in the coming months and years. Jon-David will love it!!!