Friday, October 12, 2007

A Day at the October?

Okay, so last Tuesday, it was in the 90s here!!! How bizarre is that? We started off the morning with the boys' first visit to their new dentist!!! Josiah had been once before over a year ago, but it did not go over so well (made the mistake of NOT going to a pediatric dentist), and then our insurance changed. Anyways, new insurance began Oct. 1 and so they were able to go to a GREAT pediatric dentist here in town. It was a roaring success - the boys were perfect patients, I was told! They went right back with the hygienist and were perfectly behaved (I wish I had recorded them saying that so I could play it over and over again on days when I get frustrated!) They were so excited about the treasures they got to pick out and their new toothbrushes (Jacob actually took his nap with it in his hand that first day - I know, gross!!).

Anyways, we went straight from the dentist to the beach for a little break from the norm. Sue & Jayne and their non-napping children had decided to take advantage of the warm weather and coerced me to join them. We had a great couple of hours enjoying the beautiful weather, calm water, and mostly happy kids!! The boys were going from adventure to adventure - finding new fabulous rocks, trying to catch crabs, and digging to China. Callie just LOVED crawling around on the sand - nothing phased her. It was very enjoyable (until my very much still napping children began to melt down!) It was a fun break though (and I got my van vacuumed out when we got home, so that's a plus!)


anthonyandbeth said...

looks like a fun time! i'm sure the kids had a blast. sometimes is good to have a not so normal day, right? :)

Mandy said...

I was just looking at this post again and you just gotta love the "hiney shot" of Josiah:) We have one of Jake at the beach when a wave yanked his trunks down (though his were a little further down). The picture was a total fluke. It happened at the time the camera flashed. Perfect timing! Anyway, one day he'll hate that picture:) You can show his girlfriends and really give him a good blush:)