Saturday, October 6, 2007

Friday night with Sharks!

What a great weekend it's been so far!!! Mom got into town on Friday morning and the kids were all SO excited to see her! Callie was hilarious - she kept doing this bashful laugh thing with Mom - she was so excited to show her all her new tricks like crawling and eating food too!! The boys took really great, long naps (they are STILL catching up from our camping weekend) so we got to go to the Aquarium on Friday night. They had a special open house for teachers (gotta love these free perks!) and the boys just loved it! David loved the IMAX the best (TOTALLY freaked out the boys - we made it about 2 minutes before having to leave), and the boys loved the sharks and the pretend submarine they played in. Oh, and Josiah said he liked taking pictures with the dolphins - meaning the dolphin statues outside. We ended the night with some Bruster's Ice Cream - my Mom's favorite. I surprisingly enjoyed my no sugar added raspberry swirl - after all, I did have a race the next morning!!!


anthonyandbeth said...

sounds like a FABULOUS Friday night!

Jamie said...

What better way to spend a Friday night than enjoying a museum, eating pizza and having ice cream for dessert!!

Judy said...

Grandmoms are the best!!!
It's nice that your mom isn't that far away!!!