Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Picnic!

The Labor Day picnic is quickly becoming a favorite church tradition here! Last year was David's first year putting it together, and this year was even more exciting (and so much less stressful!) It helped that I hadn't JUST had a baby 3 weeks before the picnic I suppose! :)

SOMEONE gave Caleb his first Oreos...and he liked them! :)
Josiah and David playing was a gorgeous afternoon - couldn't have asked for better weather!
Caleb found this HUGE ball across the field and went straight for it...I still don't know who brought it, but I'd LOVE to find out where they got it! Our family would LOVE to have one of these!

It's so fun being out on our new property. Construction has begun across the tree line, so it's always exciting to be on the recreation fields at the new property and look over where we will be relocating to in the coming year! You can see all the inflatables on the upper field - talk about FUN!
David brought it a company that set up the movie screen and showed "Facing the Giants". I love that movie. Everyone loved it - it was the perfect movie. All ages loved it, got everyone excited for football season that was beginning - GREAT message. Lots of fun :). I had bought some fun movie snacks at the store the weeks before the picnic, so I was stocked and ready!
Caleb was wearing the cutest little Gamecocks outfit that someone had given us...but he wasn't in a "posing" kind of mood - too busy playing with the football!

Jacob was a big helper after the movie was was 10 pm, and he carried the chairs for me :)....
...and Josiah held the sleeping baby for me while I gathered all our stuff. What a FUN picnic!!!

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