Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is quite possibly one of my new favorite songs. Ever. I met Laura Story when David & I went to the music conference in Spartanburg a few months ago. She is the real deal. Amazing, real heart. Genuine passion and love for the Lord. She's young - my age most likely. Only been married about 4 years. Shortly after she got married, they discovered that her husband had a brain tumor. They are still struggling through all that it means, have gone through many a surgery, many close calls with death. But her faith is real. Her love for the Lord is real. Her story is real.

I will be the first to admit that I don't always listen to songs when people post them. Maybe it's my lack of patience. Or feeling like I only had a minute to sit down and check their blog...not 4 minutes to sit through a song. But this one is different. you've got to listen. It's been on my IPOD and I hit repeat...several times...while I'm running. There's not a whole lot of SLOW songs that you can run to - but this one just totally captures me. Every time.

It's a song that resonates. For lots of different reasons. I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist. Or terribly insecure. But I do think that Satan has a "back pocket" type of weapon with women, and moms in particular. Telling us that we aren't doing a very good job. That there are so many others doing SO much better than us. This song speaks God's truth to that.

I have alot on me right now. We all do. There are a few added responsibilities that have come this fall. David is carrying a tremendous load on him. I could very easily be overwhelmed and quit. But I'm choosing not to. Because I'm learning that all He asks of us is to walk DAILY in his all sufficient grace.

Enough talking. Please listen to this. Seriously. I think it will be like soothing lotion on some breaking hearts.


Heather said...

Katie, it's beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

the wiedmaiers said...

oh katy, katy, katy.... i will be back to listen again and again. overwhelmed lately, tired, undermotivated, just not me. thanks for sharing! so much more to say but just not sufficient enough words.

anthonyandbeth said...

ditto Sandi. your words speak my heart. thank you Katy for posting.

Courtney said...

oh, katy, thank you. thank you. spoke to my you knew it would :-)

i love you!

amyp said...

Katy, I posted this before but got an error. Thank you so much for sharing this song. We were just talking in my moms group at church about how Satan attacks us moms through pressures that the world puts on us. I will share this song with the girls in my group for sure!