Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Callie and I were just looking at her princess coloring pages when - to her dismay - one of the pages with Jasmine on it had her hair colored YELLOW! She was appalled and informed me that it was wrong- that Jasmine has black hair! (I'm sure it was David that did it...I would have never colored her hair the WRONG color! :) ). Then Callie said that we didn't have a brown anymore - it ran out of ink. She got really quiet, and then declared this insight: "Brown matches poop. And Yellow matches pee-pee." What do you say in response to that? I suppose we need to sign her up for some etiquette classes or something!


Judy said...

I guess that what happens when you have all brothers!

the wiedmaiers said...

the great influence that boys have on her life... priceless.

anthonyandbeth said...

i love Callie. :) and it is true..she is quite correct. :)