Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Picking - Finally!

We've really branched out in our fruit picking this year! After years and years of strawberries only, we finally found some other places we could pick too! We hit blueberries this summer, and I FINALLY found an orchard for us to go to this fall! We actually had to leave the state and head to NC to do it, but we found a GREAT orchard that came highly recommended by several friends here. It was our last "free Saturday" before flag football season began, so I knew we had to seize the opportunity. The night before, I told David of my plan. He (of course) said "Sure...but you know the day is going to be more expensive than just going to the grocery store and buying a couple of bags of apples." :) I assured him that I was aware, but we were going for the experience :).

We headed out - the orchard was about 2 hours away, so we left around 9 am. Right about the time Caleb normally takes his morning nap. Of course, he talked and played the WHOLE way until we were 5 minutes away. THEN he fell asleep. Sigh.
Since the family ate through ALL the snacks that I had packed for the day DURING THE CAR DRIVE UP, we stopped at a nearby city for some lunch. (Why am I the only one that thinks crackers and cheese can pass for lunch? My family does NOT agree...) We stopped at this little bbq stand that was delicious - even had good southern sides like black eyed peas (which my kids all loved!! - josiah actually was the one that requested them when he saw them on the menu!). They only took cash/check - love these little bitty places! And it gave us the energy to go on up the mountain to the orchard.
We headed out...good thing the place had wagons...I had no idea how heavy the apples would get...or how many we'd pick!
The kids totally loved it. Of course. Who doesn't love climbing in trees and finding snacks!

I had visions of David and I having to hoist kids up in these giant trees all day. ugh. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how low the apple tree branches grow. All 3 of the big kids could get up and down on their own - it was great!
David couldn't resist himself - he had to get up there to get the high ones...those are the best! :)

Caleb kept looking his siblings way up high and at all the "balls" he saw everyone on the ground! :)

An attempt....obviously not a great one....
...but once it again it proves that I was there! :)
It was a pretty hot day actually. I had visions of beautiful fall clothes making for beautiful fall pictures up in the beautiful fall mountains of NC. Nope. The mountains were beautiful, but it was hot and we were all sweaty in our shorts and tshirts! :)
Look at the VIEW!!!
On our way back up the mountain to pay for the apples, David stopped to juggle for some tiring children...

David took the kids over to play on this cute playground they had set up while I paid for the apples

Caleb just goes with it....he's not even freaked out by the fact that his 5 year old brother is dragging him around this playground and about to throw him down a slide...

The cutest pumpkins sitting on the Biggest pumpkins I ever saw!!! And they were real!
I was in line to buy the BEST fresh, apple cider donuts. They made them right there while you waited in line in this little bitty shed. They were unreal. Cake-like donuts made with fresh apple cider and then dipped in cinnamon-sugar. Holy cow.

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the wiedmaiers said...

love me some apple cider donuts! i think they cost so much to make up for all the ones eaten while picking... ours will eat 3-4 while picking.