Monday, September 20, 2010

If you think you want a big family, look at this FIRST!

I LOVE my big family. Adore all 6 of us in our little family. But I'm JUST saying - this is what my house looks like EVERY Monday. It's my BIG laundry day. I put the first load in at 7 am, and the last load is usually done by 7 pm. Then I bring it ALL downstairs after all kids are in bed and I sit and fold it while David & I watch Amazing Race on the DVR. Fold for a few hours and then put it all away the next day. Oh, and I still do another almost-as-big laundry day again on Friday. But Monday has all my sheets and towels too, so it's the biggie!

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the wiedmaiers said...

right there with you friend. i know we have had this conversation before but you do remember the days when we did laundry ONCE a week. do you ever use the delay start on your washer? put the laundry in the night before and set it to turn on a certain number of hours later and it will be done when you wake up... then you can start your second load of laundry and be one step ahead.