Monday, September 6, 2010


A day off - from school AND work (well, except for Mom work :) ) - so Jacob picked and we headed to the...zoo! (gasps of surprise...I know...we can't help ourselves...we LOVE it! and the boys don't get to come as much because of school, so we were so excited!)

Feeding the birds is always a favorite...

Today they landed all over us (which Jacob LOVES....)

Don't you love callie's face? For someone who is always in everyone ELSE's face, she didn't want anything in her space today!
A bird landed right on my shoulder...but then I had to reshift Caleb because I was afraid he'd grab that little bird's head and pop it right off!

Callie decided she'd much prefer just drinking her icee (best deal at the zoo in my refills all day....and we TOTALLY get our money's worth out of that one with all 6 of us drinking it!)
everyone was ready for a nap...
looks like a poster doesn't it? we actually have a penguin exhibit and it is fascinating! caleb loved it because the water was right at his level! A fun morning spent with my 5 favorite people! :)

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the wiedmaiers said...

penquins and puffins are always fun to watch..