Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun with Caleb

Caleb got to celebrate his birthday a little longer this year....he enjoyed opening a few presents that Gramps sent him! :) (Of course what he REALLY liked was the wrapping paper that was all BALLS!!!)
The coolest toy I've seen in a long time - it's a stuffed puppy (My Puppy "Pal"). It's a Leapfrog toy (their stuff is always the coolest) and you connect it to your computer to download your child's name and favorite things. So when it sings/talks to Caleb, it says his name and talks about his favorite things! You can even pick the songs it plays. He LOVES it!
BALLS! BALLS! (I promise we do have other toys in the house - but this is really all Caleb cares to play with!) And Gramps sent one for each hand! Awesome!
Giving his new puppy a kiss :)
Outside waiting for Daddy to come home....

Beth, remember this playset? I got it from the curb on a recent visit to Beth's house. Someone put it out with their trash and I took it home - knowing I had just the boy who would love it! :)

I just ordered this bathing suit for Callie from Land's End. It's really for next year, but she insists on wearing new things right away (like her daddy). All of the kids' suits were really marked down on clearance, and I got them for less than $10 - and they are so much better quality than the one I got from Target this year. It fell apart on her by the end of the season and I threw it away. This one is going to be great! (and she loves it because it's a skirt!)

Can you see the expression on Caleb's face? He's never quite sure of Callie, because you never know what she's going to do. But if she's feeding him some of her snack, he's good with that! :)


the wiedmaiers said...

meredith and morgan both have this same sun shirt in long sleeves! it is very cute and i will attest to the durability of lands end kids stuff. i ordered theirs large so they can wear them next year also.

The Stein Family said...

Clara has that tankini in pink and blue...Lands' End are the only suits that don't gape around her slim legs. Her pink one lasted the past 2 summers. I only need to retire it due to size!