Friday, November 6, 2009

The Visitation

On Friday morning, we headed over to see Grandma Joan. It was great to get to see her and she was SO happy to love on Caleb!!
Joan had lots of family over for a meal before we headed to the viewing. Lots of family had flown in that day and so we enjoyed getting to visit with them. This is my mom's sister, Debbie, and her husband Dan and their daughter Rebecca.

This is Joan's daughter, Mary Jo, and her boyfriend James. James was a HUGE help at the viewing and the service on Saturday. He'd come and take Caleb or Joseph and walk them around for us or just give Kelli and I a break! We were thankful!
This is a freezer! (obviously)! But one of my fondest memories (and I even shared this during the memorial service on Saturday) is my granddad Keith sending us to the freezer to get ice cream. We'd open it up and he would have cartons and cartons of ice cream to choose from! One time I counted 14 half gallons!!!! Seriously! He lived through the great depression and promised that one day, he'd have enough to always have ice cream after dinner!!! :)
Joseph will eat anything that you put near his mouth! :) Even Caleb's hand!
Joan and Kelli were matchy matchy that night! :)

Sisters - Debbie and Mom on their dad's piano bench. He was their first piano teacher, and they are both incredible pianists! :)
These are the flowers that my mom's church sent. They were gorgeous, and their note was so sweet. Mom has had meals brought to her and cards sent - what a blessing the family of God is!!! (The head of our deacons here even called me from out of town on Wednesday night to tell me that he was praying for us and if there was anything we needed!)

Kristen, Mom, Kim, Kelli (holding Joseph), and Katy (holding Caleb).
Mom got us all matching necklaces last year in Williamsburg, and we decided to all wear them on Friday night. It was very special.

Katy (holding a sleeping Caleb), Mary Jo, Joan, Kelli (holding Joseph), Kristen, and Justina (a violinist that Keith had a HUGE role in her life). Kim is kneeling on the front row.


The Stein Family said...

Glad you were all able to be together to help each other through this time -- and BTW -- your hair is ADORABLE! - not too short at all!

Courtney said...

love all the pictures!

Judy said...

I'm sure it was so fun for some of the extended family to get to see all of you Schrodt girls and Caleb and Joseph too! What a treat for them since you all live so far away!