Thursday, November 5, 2009

Off to California!

On Thursday morning, I got up VERY early (3:30 AM!!) get showered and dressed to leave for the airport. My flight was out of Charlotte, which was almost a 2 hour drive. Caleb slept on the way there, and then I fed him at the gate while I was waiting to board. He did great on the airplane, and we were SO glad to arrive there a little after noon (CA time). He was AWFULLY tired that night, and didn't understand why I was making him stay awake for SO long (trying to get him on CA time quickly). He enjoyed looking at his cousin Joseph, and that helped the time pass for him! I was the last of the sisters to arrive, and we enjoyed a quiet afternoon and evening together.
Hello Cousin Joe!!!
Kelli with both boys (Caleb on the left, Joseph on the right)

Talk about a view! We stayed in Dana Point, and this was the view just a short walk from our condo!!

Stroller babies

The SLOW walkers (Kristen, Mom and Kim). Kelli and I had (apparently) raced ahead! :)
Kristen pointed out that the last time we were away, just the sisters and Mom, was last February when we went to Williamsburg to celebrate my Mom's 60th birthday. There were even 2 nursing babies (Callie and Matthew, Kim's youngest) - except this time, there were 2 DIFFERENT nursing babies (Caleb, and Joseph - Kelli's son). Isn't that a riot!

Kelli trying to keep Caleb awake with some conversation...

Caleb LOVES his Tutu!

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Courtney said...

how special to all be together!
{and you hair IS short!}