Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Everybody's Here!

Kristen and Chris arrived on Tuesday night, and Mom got here shortly after lunch on Wednesday. It was SO good to have everyone here (well, everyone that was planned anyways. Of course we missed Kim & Kelli and their families!! :(

David and Chris would have been happy to hide out here the whole weekend!! My dad had just brought down 4 boxes of books last weekend - lots of old commentaries and biblical study aids from my grandfather and GREAT-grandfather. Can you see the drool practically hanging off of David's lips? He LOVES this stuff! :)
Caleb was SO happy to see Tutu again!

Poor Kristen - I probably am going to have to pay for a manicure for her...she spent an awful lot of time washing dishes this week!!! :)

My little boys were so excited for Chris to arrive so they could ALL play the video game together!!!

Caleb and Aunt Kristen


anthonyandbeth said...

can't wait to see Caleb again soon! he is so happy! :) i know you enjoyed having your family in town!

Judy said...

Wow you guys have gotten to see a lot of family since you moved! I'm so glad you have a great house for it now! It's always fun to be the host!