Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Prayer Walk

As I mentioned earlier in the week, this week is a pivotal one in our church's history (and another reason why me having to fly to CA has caused such CHAOS!) A little over 10 years ago, our church purchased 120 acres for future development. They sold off a portion of it, and have been waiting for the right time to develop the rest of it and relocate our church campus. Well, that time is now. Our senior pastor knew the Lord was leading us to relocate, and they began pursuing it this last year. After many months of planning, the week is finally here. On Sunday, the church will vote on taking the construction loan and beginning the groundbreaking and building project, which will relocate our church. It is SUCH an exciting time!!

As a church, we have been preparing for this day in many different ways. 21 days of fasting and prayer (some have fasted for days or weeks or meals, etc...) have led up to this. Our pastor has been preaching on Joshua in a series called "facing the giants" - it has been a great series! About how God takes us beyong where we think we can go - how sometimes we have to step into the water before it parts. This week, they have also opened up a 1 mile trail around some of our property and have asked the church to walk around it and pray throughout the week. Then on Saturday, the church body is going to come together and march around it as ONE body and claim the land and rejoice in what God has given us! (Sounding like Jericho anyone?)

So today was the day that I decided to take the kids out to do our prayer walk. I wasn't sure how much they would understand. I didn't want it to turn into me forcing the kids on a walk with them whining about being hot, tired, hungry, whatever. But it was WONDERFUL! The kids were SO excited to be out on the new property, and really seemed to understand what we were doing. There were 3 "prayer stops" marked out, and a brochure listing out specific things to pray for at each one. Some of the things my kids prayer for were: (literally - their words!)
* That many NEW families would join the church and get to know Jesus!
* That our pastors would never give up
* That we would always obey and follow Jesus
* That our church would work together as a team
* That we would trust and obey the Bible
* That we would not listen to Satan when he tries to trick us
We'd stop, each of us would pray, and then we'd continue on. Talking about "I wonder what will be here? The nursery? Parking spaces?" Talking about how exciting it will be to have more space to invite more people to come learn about Jesus. It was very special. I was glad to have the moment with my kids today.


Judy said...

I think that it's moments like that (like the prayer walk you did today) that really draw our kids to the Lord because they can see you acting out your faith, not just talking about it, but living it. Do you know what I mean??? It's so good for them to catch a vision of what God can do.

anthonyandbeth said...

precious katy. look at what an example you are living out right in front of them and they will be able to remember this prayer walk and be excited as they see God answer the things they asked Him for today. your children are blessed Katy...to have parents like you and David! so glad that y'all are part of such an exciting time in your church!

The Stein Family said...

Love that 1st pic -- what a great idea, the prayer walk!

Courtney said...

what a GREAT thing!!! i'm sure they will remember that forever!

praying for your weekend ahead!!