Saturday, November 7, 2009

Celebrating the life of Rev. Keith J. Hill

On Saturday, we really had a wonderful day celebrating the life and ministry of my grandfather. The service was such a wonderful tribute to him, and testified to his love of his Lord, his family, and his music! I was so glad that my sisters and I were all able to be there together with my Mom - it was a very special service. There was a part during the service where members of the family were invited to come on stage if they wanted to share anything about Granddad Keith. Kelli and I both went on stage - one of the things she said was that they named Joseph after Granddad Keith (Joseph Keith is his name) and pray that he grows to be a wonderful man of God like Granddad Keith was. Talk about emotional! I managed to hold myself together and shared about the joy that he brought - and his love of ice cream! :) I also mentioned how appreciative I was that he played a role in marrying my other two sisters and I. He gave a "charge to ministry" to us in our wedding, and it was very very special. What an amazing man! It was emotional, but very much a celebration as well.

My mom and her cousin, Barbara

Kristen and Caleb

Aunt Debbie Sue and Kelli Sue

Mom and Aunt Debbie

After the service, there was a luncheon reception for everyone in the gym. Caleb passed out on Kim's lap!! :)

Keith Wells was one of the ministers that officiated the service. He was SO special to us over these last few weeks. He went to college with my Mom (she actually played for his voice lessons), and he was by my granddad's side pretty much non-stop over the last 2 weeks. He was a wonderful encouragement to us!


Courtney said...

wow...those babies hung in there! looks like they did great!

Judy said...

You're mom looks great in purple!