Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Judds are back in town!

The Judd's came through on their way up north and we were SO glad we could serve as a pit stop! It was too quick, but GREAT to visit with Heather and the boys again. Now I've got to figure out when we can head to Atlanta for a few days to get a real visit in! :)

I realized I needed a picture of Heather with Caleb RIGHT as I was getting ready to put him to bed...hence his expression. Oh well!
Callie and Carter had a GREAT time on the tire swing! :)

And the Jedis resumed their if they had never missed a beat!! :)

Isn't it funny that all 3 of them were in red shirts? It is Anderson's favorite color after all!


Jenn said...

love that tire swing!

anthonyandbeth said...

i know it was SO fun to see them again!

Heather J said...

What a great little mini visit we had- I just loved how the boys didn't miss a beat and resumed their fun with each other. We sure miss your family! Can't wait til another Judd-Schrodt reunion!!!!!