Saturday, November 14, 2009

just here

it was a crazy week here. not because we had a million things going on, but because i felt like i was two steps behind all week long. trying to get caught up after being gone for 4 days, trying to catch up on sleep from the jetlag/time change (catching up on sleep just doesn't happen as a mom. sad.). i came home from CA only to find that david and the other kids all had a cold. david spent much of his day off (which means MY day off) in bed on friday sleeping it off (and he's much better now thankfully). i missed out on a couple of INCREDIBLE deals on Friday because i can't just up and GO anytime i want....the price you pay for 4 kids. i did get caleb's 3 month pictures made on friday and was pleased with the outcome at least. waiting for david to come back from his run so that i can go out on mine. my sisters and i are doing a marathon relay in a month (YIKES!), so we're getting serious now! plus david & i are training for the half in feburary... it rained for 3 days here (cats & dogs!), but the sun is out - hooray hooray! (and my yard isn't flooded like all my old friends in VA!). but perhaps the best night is that david and i are getting to go out on a date night tonight. have no idea what we're going to do, but VERY much looking forward to it. it doesn't happen often enough, for many reasons, so we're both VERY excited. we needed it. badly. so here's to a great night with JUST my man!!! (and praying the 4 kids are good for our friends who are keeping them!)


anthonyandbeth said...

will comment on the rest later but just had to let you know that I'm SO happy that you two got a DATE!!! i know you both needed it and i'm sure enjoyed having that time away together to just relax and reconnect! miss you....can't wait to catch up tomorrow!

the wiedmaiers said...

it just hit me that we have a "first" coming up... a first birthday for both boys without each other. can you believe our little firstborns are going to be seven. of course this has nothing to do with your post just wanted to let you know that i thougth of you while i was looking over your blog.