Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quick Update

We're alive!!! Life has been a blur these last few weeks, hence the lack of blog posting. I haven't been able to carve out the 5 hours that I'm sure I'll need to get caught up on everyone else's blogs, much less post on my own. Here's a couple little updates for you to chew on in the meantime:

* Our interview in SC last weekend went GREAT! Could not have gone better - seriously. Loved the church, loved the pastors and their families, kids did great. What a weekend. I'll spare you from the play by play now, but I'm happy to go on and on if you're up for it. We'll know officially in about a week. Very exciting though!

* There's a for sale sign in my yard! House will be officially on the market on Monday. We've spent all this week repainting trim and doors inside, wiping off blinds and baseboards, all those totally unfun yet time consuming things that you have to do. Praying for God's perfect timing in this situation.

* Kids are all doing great. Josiah had his first Upward basketball game today and loved it. It was very entertaining - he loves his uniform the most I think. Great program and philosophy. Looked like he was going to throw up for the first 10 minutes I think - not sure exactly what was going on - but really got into it. So funny. Jacob has become quiet his own little man here lately. His favorite thing to do lately? Take a nap with ME! I love it! Callie cracks me up. Getting more and more vocal lately. Here new phrase is "no no Mommy". Except she says it when she does something wrong. I keep telling her it's "no no callie", but she continues to blame me!!!

* My camera broke on Christmas afternoon, so that's part of the lack of blogging as well. It's totally covered under warranty, but they said it would be 2-4 weeks without it. I've told the kids not to have any milestones until I get it back, and I do feel quite lost without it. Oh well.

Hopefully that will tide you over until I'm back to normal. I'm getting there - I promise!!!


Judy said...

So your last update, before this one, was December 19th! And I just want you to know that not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of you guys!

anthonyandbeth said...

i can't wait till next week!!! can't believe the house is on the market! WOW! i'm impressed you still make time to accept my phone are clearly busy (sick, taking care of children and husband, cleaning like there is no tomorrow!!!) we will be praying for God's perfect timing for the sale of your home! so excited for Josiah and his opportunity to play Upward! it is so GREAT! and I can't wait for you to get your camera back! i know that must be frustrating...good thing you have the warranty! :)

The Stein Family said...

I've been thinking about you and wondering how things were -- Where in SC? You know that's here I'm from, my parents are in Charleston.
You'll have to keep me posted on how the selling of your house goes...we may need to sell ours in another year or so, it's been hurting us to hold on to it and now we're not sure how we'll fit back into it should we make it back to VA. What did you list it for?

Michelle "Missi" said...

A friend once told me God did not bring the dark clouds, but rather He supplied the silver lining. I can't think of anything shinier than a new baby! I'm glad to hear SC went so well for you guys. They would be lucky to have the Schrodt family.

Sarah Joy said...

You guys have been super busy!!! Where in SC? We are in Charlotte only minutes form SC:) Are you even allowed to say yet... probably not until you hear something is my guess. Praying for you and David and the kids.