Sunday, January 25, 2009

Am I the Only One?

Is anyone else astounded that next week is FEBRUARY? what in the world! I feel like the month of January was a total blur!! Anyways, all is well here. Nice quiet weekend here which was EXACTLY what we needed. Nothing major to report. All are happy and healthy. 3 in bed. Husband waiting for me in the family room. Clean kitchen. Laundry done. Aaaahhh..


Jenn said...

You are starting the week off in good shape - I love it when things are DONE by Sunday night, so Monday doesn't seem so daunting! :) And no, you must be mistaken...Next week could not possibly be February. Um, whatever happened to November?! ;)

anthonyandbeth said...

i too am surprised that Feb. is almost here! CRAZY! sounds like you had the makings of a perfect evening before you! oh how i wish i could say all the laundry was done and i had a clean kitchen last night...wish i could say it now too. hope it's a GREAT week!!!

Jayne said...

Just reading that sounds soooo cleaned, laundry done, and time with your hubby-WAHOO!!!! Sounds like date night at home to me!!