Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008

Some of you may be annoyed to have to relive Christmas again, when you JUST got it all boxed up! But I had to go back and post some of these pictures for my journaling sake!!! These pictures are all from Christmas Eve. My mom, sister Kristen, and her boyfriend Chris (this was the first time we got to MEET him!) all arrived that afternoon. We were SO excited they were here and we could start to celebrate!!!

She's a tough girl, but what a sweet mommy to her babies!!!
This seriously is how I find her most of the time. Sitting somewhere reading books. Anyways, she wore this dress all day long. It was one of my very favorite Christmas dresses that Mandy let me borrow, and I had to have her wear it ONE more time!!

Tutu and Callie - before heading to the Christmas Eve service. I even raided Callie's stocking to get the bow that matched this gorgeous dress!

This WOULD have been our family picture had we sent out Christmas cards! :(

Jacob took this one - hence the laughing! It's the Maxfield girls! Kristen, Mom, and Me

Here's the happy couple - Kristen and Chris

Jacob, Callie, and Josiah

After the Christmas Eve service at church (which was GREAT, but BLAZING HOT in the sanctuary...both boys did great...callie was in the nursery...josiah and jacob got to take communion with was jacob's first time and I was quite nervous, but that kid gets it! he understands so much. he may be the pastor of the family one day...), we piled in the van and drove to the botanical gardens to see the lights display. it's our favorite one, and the kids love it. probably mostly because they get to bounce around the car and don't have to stay buckled! we had christmasy snacks and everything!

Callie was QUITE impressed - she loved it!

We came home and the two Floridians (who had been whining about how COLD they were....keep in mind it was 60 degrees that day and the rest of us were unseasonably warm) were happy to warm up with some peppermint hot chocolate (Jayne, do you see the square marshmallows??)

And here's my babies and how they fell asleep the night before Christmas. The boys slept in sleeping bags in our room - which they LOVED. They gave up their room for Kristen to sleep in. and Callie was in her bed with both of her pink fuzzy blankets all wrapped around her face, like normal! A peaceful night!


The Stein Family said...

I love pics of sleeping babies -- so peaceful and cuddly! Callie has the cutest dresses!

Jayne said...

They even make those marshmallows of the chocolate variety!!

anthonyandbeth said...

everyone looks so beautiful! love Callie's Christmas dresses! i'm so glad you were able to have family come to your house this year!