Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Strength for today. You know, God doesn't promise us that everything will be easy. Or that we'll never be unsure of where we're going or how we're going to get there. But he promises us joy in the journey. And strength for today.

This morning I felt that. You know how tired I was this morning (if you read my earlier post). But I just got home from my run with Stephanie and was SO encouraged. I'm very thankful for our friendship. For all you running friends of mine, you know it's a special relationship you have with the person (or people) you run with. You talk about all kinds of things. You stink together. You spit together. It's just unique. Stephanie is that friend for me. And during this phase of life, it has been invaluable on many occasions.

But especially now in this time of change, transition, waiting, uncertainty. Her husband is getting ready to retire from the military and they are in the process of interviews and waiting and possibly moving. Our husbands are in very different careers, and yet our job as WIVES couldn't be more similar. After we both shared what's been going on in the last week in our situations, we prayed together. (Granted I was huffing and puffing because running and TALKING is harder these days). But how encouraged I was. To be able to share this together and encourage each other. Because I know EXACTLY what she's going through, and she understands our situation as well.

So thank you God, for giving me the strength for today. Especially because I needed it so much. What a good God we serve.


anthonyandbeth said...

Oh Katy! I will be praying for you today and for supernatural rest! I know He will sustain you and give you what you need to make it through today. As for Stephanie, what a blessing to have this "running" friend. Just look how God has grown you together as you've run with each other this past year! I'm so glad you have this friendship and a time of encouragement to look forward to each Tuesday morning. Even though it's early, I bet you feel like you wouldn't miss it for the world. God is good and He will give you the strength for today!!! love you!

Jayne said...

I think it's one of the joys of the journey with God. He takes us through things so that we in turn can truly understand someone else's plight and be there for them and know what to say that will make a difference. I'm glad your early run came on a day when you needed an uplift. One of my favorite Precious Moments from a rough patch in my life is of an angel on a stool holding and maneuvering the strings that hold onto a little girl's arms and legs. The saying simply says "He will uphold you!"

Heidi said...

Great post Katy!! It's awsome when God puts people in our life that have been there done that or are going throught the same thing at the same time. It's encouraging to have someone right by yourside that really gets it!