Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our last "Anderson" day

As most of you know, the Judds are moving to GA next week. We are going to miss them for many different reasons, and I could go on and on about them. But it will significantly change our days to not have either of the Judd boys with us. I watched Anderson from the time he was 10 months to about 2, and I've been watching Carter now from the last 10 months. Depending on what Anderson's preschool schedule was, some days we were lucky enough to get both boys. This past Tuesday was one of those days, and sadly, was our last "Anderson" day. I tried not to be too sappy - the boys are definitely sad that their good buddy is moving, but have already asked when we can go visit him in GA! So we did some special things together to make it an extra special day, and I tried to get a couple pictures of it.

I'm going to miss looking behind me in the van and seeing it crammed full like this! (Sorry you can barely see Anderson - he's just a little guy and he IS buckled in, after all!!)
I don't know if I've ever seen Carter as happy as he's been this last week wearing this UGA hat. He SERIOUSLY hasn't wanted to take it off!!! I guess it's good that SOMEONE is happy about the move, right? :)

Anderson & Carter even got to sneak a few minutes to watch Josiah play the Star Wars video game - they had just woken up from their nap (hence the groggy face on Anderson)... (And notice how Callie jumped up to "pose" in the picture like she's part of it...)

Anderson in the top bunk, Jacob in the bottom bunk taking naps...

Josiah and Anderson drawing. Josiah was happily instructing him in the art of making paper airplanes when he got home from school!

We even bought a special treat for lunch - Wendy's!!

Anderson & Jacob playing with some of David's mini football helmets (no, they weren't supposed to be, but...)

Anderson, Callie, Carter, and Anderson at work building a train track.


Judy said...

Love the picture of Josiah with the cheeseburger in his mouth!

I know the feeling of having a dear friend move away. I went through that two years ago. I remember just sitting on the couch and crying when they pulled out of our driveway to move to Canada. Thankfully we can rejoice in such times because we never really have to say "goodbye" to brothers and sister in Christ! Plus, visiting GA sounds like fun to me!

Jen said...

I know you are going to miss those boys, they have been an extension of our family too. It will be hard on the kids, but trips to GA sound good to us too. That certainly is a full van - poor Callie - always surrounded by boys!

Heather J said...

What fun pictures - I love seeing them 'in action' at your house!!! Certainly some wonderful memories made with the Schrodts!!! I'm extra happy that Carter gave you a good 'week' to remember him by!!! The welcome mat will ALWAYS be rolled out to our dear friends!!!!!! Love you guys!