Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween at the Jacksons!

Chris & Jessica invited all of us over to their house in the "country" - they live on some land and invited us over for a potluck dinner, trick or treating, and bonfire fun. We had a great time! Next time, we probably ought to warn the neighbors that their will be a herd of 20 kids coming through, but we had a blast. Thanks for your hospitality Jessica - it was such fun. I didn't get to stay inside and chat with the mommies much - my bigger boys were having too much fun with the trick or treating and the bonfire that we were hopping most of the evening. But fun memories for sure. (Oh, and Callie thought that every time a neighbor opened the door for us, they wanted us to come in!!!)

Josiah was a clone trooper this time, and Jacob decided to be Qui Gon Jin (Jedi from star wars....still refused the darth vader costume...)
Me and Callie are on the left, and Brent Neiter is holding his baby boy, Blake. The little bumblebees were so cute! (Blake is a cross country coach and has been a runner for years. He and David have enjoyed their running dialogues!!)

I captured this cinderella moment. Josiah was helping Erin get her shoes on....quite the tender moment that I was quite surprised to see!!!

Here's the babies!! Callie, Anna, and Blake

Here's half of our trick-or-treating group. There was a group of the bigger kids that would run from house to house...then there were the younger ones that took a bit longer. It was PITCH black, and Josiah was fine to go up to doors by himself, but VERY concerned that he find me immediately after coming down into the yard. He's my little rule follower, for sure!!!


Jen said...

What a fun night it was. I love the pictures you got. Man, between Josiah and Alexander, my little Erin sure was busy that night. I've got my hands full!

anthonyandbeth said...

i didn't think about it but i bet their neighborhood was dark! sounds like it was so fun. glad to know that Callie felt so welcomed by the neighbors! and that she didn't run into the bonfire! :) a very fun evening, i'm sure!