Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Go Dynamos!

A little one-on-one with the coach during practice time.
Jacob is #1 - he does very well at going after the ball. Josiah wasn't nearly as "aggressive" his first season of playing. Usually jacob runs around with this huge GRIN on his face while he's playing. It's adorable.
Just a few pictures of soccer. We've got 2 games left in the season. Jacob (and David) are really enjoying themselves. Jacob REALLY likes having his dad as the coach!!!


anthonyandbeth said...

go #1, woooowhooo!!! harrison didn't take too well to soccer b/c he isn't very aggressive. jackson on the other hand i believe is going to take after his good buddy Jacob!!! can't wait to see him with his trophy at the end of the season! so GREAT that david has been able to be his coach!

jenn said...

I LOVE seeing little kids playing soccer!! It is THE cutest!