Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

WOW! What a day so far!!! Tuesdays are the mornings that meet Stephanie at 5:30 AM to go run. Normally, we feel like we're all alone in the world - no one around. Not this morning!!! It was like rush hour traffic there were so many cars out! We ran past several polling locations and saw people lined up, in the rain, 30 minutes before polls even opened! This is 5:30 AM people!!! David went and lined up at 6:45 am - it took him 45 minutes just to get to the FRONT DOOR of our polling location. It was another 1.5 hour wait from that point, so he had to leave to get to school.

After dropping Josiah off at school, the kids and I came home for a bit and then headed to vote. It took us almost 2 hours. The kids were GREAT! I took the DVD player for Jacob and he watched Curious George. Callie just enjoyed the captive audience of people looking and smiling at her....well, that, and she ate probably 4 lollipops. We left there and went straight to Starbucks for the free coffee. Picked up Josiah from school and went to our CFA for my free chicken sandwich (YUM!). (By the way, Josiah now eats a WHOLE chicken sandwich...what is happening to my little boy??) Kids played for a bit in the playground (especially good for Callie who was OVER being cooped up from the voting place and the car), then headed to Krispy kreme for our free donuts. Just got home a little bit ago. Whew!

David just walked in the door and said he was able to walk in and out of the polling place this afternoon. He left after teaching his last class and was able to go vote. I can't believe he walked right in. I guess I should have waited!

oh well - we've done our duty. It's something I always enjoy doing and enjoy teaching the kids about. Very grateful for this country and the freedoms it provides. We'll be heading to Ben & Jerry's tonight for free ice cream!!! Then we can settle in and watch the returns! What a day!


the mccollums... said...

Yeah for free stuff...you are funny that you made the rounds to all the locations! YUM. On my drive into school this morning I passed about 5 voting stations...all parking lots were FULL..this was 7am. I couldn't believe it. Daniel and I just got back from voting and we had no wait at all...what a day! We have dinner plans with friends but are headed over the Ben and Jerry's for free dessert!

anthonyandbeth said...

glad you got your freebies and sorry you had to wait so long in line. at least the kids were good and you did your duty! :) you can be proud of that! you worked harder for your vote than most of us! :)